What a month…To God be the glory

What a month…To God be the glory

Since my last post, we have been in missions conferences at two local churches, and both took us on for support.   Praise Him.

This past week we went to the BEAMS National Conference at Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi.  We stayed in the prophet’s chamber at Lighthouse Baptist Church (Pastor Jerry Reed) in Pascagoula.  Pastor Reed allowed us to present Sunday evening, and they took us on for support immediately.

While in the area, we checked out the marinas in Biloxi and Gulfport.  Both are suitable for our use, but of the two, I prefer Gulfport.  It is a bit easier to navigate into and out of, and it has some support that Biloxi does not.  The regional airport is about 3 miles away.  Both cities are clean and family friendly, and Interstate 10 makes transportation easy.  The only thing that could beat Gulfport would be if we found a place to keep the ship for free, and Pastor Reed is looking to see if he can find such a place.

The BEAMS conference was fantastic.  I had a private meeting with Dr. Freret, President of BEAMS, and Pastor Dan Carr, Sr. of Faith Baptist Church.  They agreed to support us and work with us when the ship is in Gulfport.  Faith is located near a navy base, and there are several navy folks that are members, and they can help us with training and in caring for the ship when we are not there.  In return we can carry BEAMS Bibles to missionaries in the Caribbean and Central America.  This arrangement is just a blessing.

All I can say…is God is good.  He opened these doors.  He poured out His blessings.  I am humbled to be His servant.

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