We are so blessed….

We are so blessed….

God has been so gracious and good to us.  He has supplied the men, material, and means for us to be on track to finish in October.  Paul Pecou has been with us continously since early June, Frank Olafson has been here almost as much, and Mike Woznak has come for almost 4 weeks of work.  Those three men have undertaken the plumbing, electrical, and construction work that has brought us along.

Three other gentlemen who head their own companies have generously donated building materials, air conditioning, and the washer and dryer.  Another man is gathering some of the bathroom fixtures.  These folks have all been successful in their endeavors, and are giving back to God’s work.  We could not be moving ahead without their support….there just is not the money available.

Through it all, God is showing me that to accomplish His work, He provides when and how He sees fit….I needless worry about where the next dollar is coming from….God just smiles and says watch this…let me give you a two real life examples.  Mary and I went to a church about a year ago.  The 5 and 6th grade Sunday School teacher asked us to speak to her class.  At the end of class she asked what the children could do to help us.  I said we needed a good quality Christian flag to fly.  The class willingly agreed to raise the funds for it.  The teacher called and asked me to purchase the exact flag we needed, and they would reimburse us.  The flag cost $150.  She asked if I wanted to buy two of them, and I said it was no need since it was so expensive.  She asked if we had any other needs.  Well we did…we have to replace several windows in the main cabin at a cost of about $1000.  I did not tell her that.  The teacher told me they would just give me the balance of what was left from the money the children collected…it was $1200.  All I can say is Praise the Lord.  The second one happened just a couple of weeks ago.  The pastor of a church that recently took us on for support called me.  He said they had just completed VBS and that they had a contest between the girls and boys to see who could raise the most money.  He had no idea what he was going to do with the money, but that about Wednesday of that week the Lord laid us on his heart, so he decided to give us all of the money.  It was $400.  Well, we had just ordered the doors for the boat, and we came up $300 short in available funds….Bless His Holy Name….He did it again.

When I get down in the dumps, all I have to do is look back on where He has met our needs time and time again.  On a ship, when you look back you see your wake as you have moved along through the water….our wake stretches back a long way.

Mary getting the walls ready to paint
Paul Pecou working on building the second deck
Mike Woznak and I working on the second deck
The ugly duckling is beginning to change her appearance…soon she will be a beautiful swan…


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