The End is in Sight and We Need Fuel….

The End is in Sight and We Need Fuel….

The end of the shipyard period is in sight (thank you Lord). I think we will finish the modifications on Mercy’s Vessel in June 2018 after 2 years at Yank Marine in Tuckahoe, NJ. We have about 8 weeks of work remaining, and right now it looks like we will start again towards the end of April once the campgrounds open in New Jersey, so that puts the completion sometime in June.

Mercy’s Vessel uses about 35 gallons of fuel per hour while underway so the cost is about $100 per hour at today’s fuel prices. I have been trying to get about 500 people to give 50 cents per day ($15/month) to help with fuel costs, and many have responded…thank you to each and everyone of you…however, we are a long ways from 500. These folks are my MVPs (Mercy’s Vessel Partners). Would YOU consider becoming an MVP?

There are multiple ways to give. You can send a check to:

Gospel Preacher Association
PO Box 465177
Lawrenceville, GA 30042-5177

just write on the memo line MVP.

I use online banking and I made my payment to the MVP an automatic monthly payment.

If you prefer to use a credit card, you can do so through the GPA Mobilization Ministries site at our GPA Mobilization Page. Again, designate the funds for the MVP program.

Here are some other ideas. The Ladies Fellowship at my home church put a donation box in the church foyer so folks can put in loose change or dollar bills as they pass by. The church treasurer collects the money periodically and sends it in. Perhaps a Sunday School class (adult or children’s) could go together to support the MVP program.

Why do I want to raise money to purchase fuel? Very simple. The cost of boat operations has to be paid somehow and when you look at an individual trip, the cost appears overwhelming. For instance, a round trip to the Dominican Republic is about 3000 miles…at 3.5 gallons per mile that is 10,500 gallons of fuel…roughly $30,000 and that is just the transit costs. If we have to run our diesel generators to provide electricity while there, it adds another $500 per day to our expenses.

For us to be effective in disaster relief, we need to get to the scene of a disaster soon after it takes place. We can not predict in advance when a disaster will occur, so we need either funds or fuel readily available to allow us to get underway promptly following a disaster. We just do not have time to raise funds before we go. A steady stream of MVP money allows us to have an “emergency” fund to purchase the fuel to get to the scene of the disaster.

I truly ask you to consider becoming a MVP today. You won’t regret it.

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