Mary’s Testimony

Mary’s Testimony

Some would say I was “born and raised” in church.  My grandfather, Morton Hite, donated the land for the church, Buffalo Baptist Tabernacle,  after a tent revival in our little farming community in Buffalo Junction, Virginia.  His three sons dug the entire basement by hand, my Daddy, Carlton Hite, being the oldest. And yes, I was in church Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night prayer meeting and any and all special meetings and revivals.  Our house was within sight of the church and most Sunday dinners (lunch) included the preacher’s family and visiting speakers as well as members that happenED to show up.  My Mama taught me to be “given to hospitality.”

My friends and I decided one Sunday to “go up” to “do it” to “get saved.”  I think I was around 5-6 years old.  I personally was not convicted by the Holy Spirit and did not see myself as a sinner in need of forgiveness.  After all, I was “Miss Goody Two Shoes” … obedient by nature.  But at the age of 13 in April 1966, the LORD used the Preaching of Bro. Grady Lemons during a revival to convict me of my sins, realizing all my righteousness was as filthy rags, and that the blood of God’s son Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary was shed for ME, HE died for ME.  I was saved long before I left the pew to go forward and knelt at an old fashion altar.

About a year later the LORD sent Buddy’s family to our church, we met, we fell in love, and were married at an early age. I thank the LORD for His providence.  We were active in our youth group (training union) and thought we would marry and go right into service for HIM wherever He led.  Isaiah 55:8, His ways and thoughts are above ours.  We followed His direction through 30 years of military life, not at all what I “planned.” But His peace led us.  Now we both look back and think, “Wow! HE was preparing us even when WE thought we were not serving full time”, yet HE was training us all along to be Missionaries on board MERCY’S VESSEL.  PRAISE HIM!


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