50 cents a day…less than the price of a soft drink….You think 50 cents won’t buy anything?  Not so.  Gideon had his army of 300 and they accomplished the impossible; God has given me a vision to raise a cadre of 300-500 MERCY VESSEL Partners (MVPs)  that will fund the operations of the ship.  Every dollar given will be used to buy diesel fuel, oil, filters, etc or do repairs. (the GPA does not take any money from donations; every penny given goes to missions).  Donations are tax deductible.  50 cents a day from 500 people is $250/day.  At today’s fuel prices that is about 100 gallons of diesel fuel per day…about 1 tank of fuel every other month…6 tanks of fuel per year…allowing MERCY’S VESSEL to travel about 9,000 miles a year carrying the Gospel and medical help to those that are lost and hurting.

Please pray about giving 50 cents per day ($15/month).

Your tithe belongs to your local church.  Beyond that if you feel lead to support this ministry, you may send donations to

Gospel Preacher Association
PO Box 465177
Lawrenceville, GA 30042-5

phone 770-995-5301
Please write on the memo line “Puryear MVP”