Background Info

Background Info


We are missionaries with the Gospel Preacher Association (GPA), a missionary agency that is a ministry of Galilean Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  Dr. Gary Moore is vice-president of the GPA, and he has served as pastor of Nottingham Missionary Baptist Church in Nottingham, PA for over 20 years.  About 10 years ago, he started leading short term medical missions to Central America.  He formed GPA Mobilization Ministries (GPAMM), 501(c)3 charitable organization, to conduct these trips.   The GPAMM has grown to be a multi-faceted ministry, with MERCY’S VESSEL as one of the areas of service.  For more information, please visit

In the past the GPAMM sent teams of people via commercial flights to Central America, and on a couple of occasions to the Philippines.  These teams consisted of about 5 medical personnel and 25 for evangelism.   The trips were centered around 8 day medical clinics.  Every person who came to the clinic was presented the  Gospel.  During the day, one or 2 sessions of Vacation Bible School were conducted, and each evening there was an evangelistic service.  During the trip to Panama in June 2015, 30 people conducted 8 days of ministry for $60,000, with over 900 patients seen in the clinic, and 400 professions of faith were made.

Dr. Moore sensed the need was so great that a way was needed to do more clinics/trips in order to reach more people with the hope of the Gospel.  He had the vision of purchasing a ship that would have the clinic facilities on board, and that would house and feed the entire team.

A suitable vessel was found in 2014 and the ship was purchased in full in 2015.  The vessel is 110 feet long with a 25 foot beam.  The vessel has been in Yank Marine, Tuckahoe, New Jersey for conversion work to make it ready for service on the mission field.  The primary area of ministry will be from the Gulf Coast of the USA to Central America, the islands of the Caribbean, and potentially to the Amazon River.

Once it is mcentral_america_map_855odified, the ship will house a fully equipped clinic and pharmacy for our medical teams, dorms for our interns and other evangelistic team members, cabins for 8 crew and staff as well as a galley and dining area.  We will follow the same pattern of clinic and outreach as was used when we flew to the host country, except we will be able to visit multiple ports of call on each trip, and eventually be able to do up to 3 trips per year.   This ship will make it possible for us to reach thousands of lives with the hope and help of the gospel each year and give opportunity for over sixty workers to take part in short term missions.

Mission Statement

GPA Mobilization Ministries is dedicated to providing assistance to Missionaries serving in impoverished areas of the world by offering construction, evangelistic and medical teams. It is a by faith mission operation depending solely on the gifts and contributions given freely for the purpose of furthering the propagation of the Gospel and the demonstration of the love of Christ in a broken and hurting world. The primary area of service is Central and South America along with the Islands of the Caribbean.