Welcome To Mercy’s Vessel

Welcome To Mercy’s Vessel

Buddy and Mary Puryear

Hello, we are Buddy and Mary Puryear and we serve on MERCY’S VESSEL, a ship outfitted to do short term medical and disaster relief trips to the Caribbean Islands and Central America.  This website tells our story of sailing the sea to carry help to those that are hurting.

I try to post here about every 2 weeks or so, or when there is something special to share, and we send out our newsletter every other month. To keep up-to-date, please subscribe.

We have been privileged to travel extensively in our marriage, and realize how blessed we Americans are.  Many of our neighbors on the Caribbean Islands and in Central AmericaI are not so fortunate and suffer from a lack of medical, dental, and vision care.  Additionally, they are frequently affected by devastation from natural disasters.  We are committed to relieving as much of the physical and spiritual suffering as we can through compassionate care, love, and sharing the Gospel.

I am the captain of MERCY’S VESSEL and my wife serves alongside me.  I retired from the U.S. Navy after a 30 year career as a nuclear trained officer.  I served on 5 different submarines finishing as Captain of the USS SPADEFISH (SSN 668).  I was the Deputy Commander of Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in another assignment.  My experiences in the navy have uniquely prepared me for this new challenge of going back to sea doing short term medical missions and disaster relief.  

We have been married for 45 years, have 4 adult children, and 15 grandchildren.  For us to be willing to leave those grandchildren should tell you how much we value this opportunity to serve.  I hope you will spend a few minutes looking over this site and that you will get the same sense about the ministry of MERCY’S VESSEL that we have.


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